How It’s Made – Solar Panels

25 thoughts on “How It’s Made – Solar Panels”

  1. we need these Solar panels on cares and everything no more oil gas other bad chemicals !!!thumbs up:D

  2. question why can you power up a solar calculator in doors an outdoors an with regular solar power panels only works outdoors?

  3. Just out of curiosity, why do they not test the individual modules prior to assembly and lamination? It it because there’s a low rejection count, or maybe the Q.C. checking on the modules picks up any potential defects?

  4. 0:44 shows a stack arrangement; can that be wired up and made to work as much as a panel on a hot day? The extra energy is just heat right?

  5. Would it be better to focus light to a mirrored and cooled basement array of panels from a Fresnel lens?
    And can the arrays get stacked in strands so that a larger cubic area than square area is used?
    Has anyone developed night solar panels to work at night and in winter with the sensitivity of the electronics adjusted to suit low level inputs?

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  8. SuperMarkCollins

    The price of solar panels has decrease considerably since just a few years ago. I have 8 installed on my house and I have single solar panels to keep the batteries charged on my diesel generator and gas Onan generator. My house can run off grid if needed. You really should consider investing in solar NOW. Prices are good considering that you are making an investment. Forget about what people say about return on investment. The panels generate power immediately, saving you money…

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