How many people are giving gifts that are GREEN? for green living? for Christmas?

I live in a passive solor home. I would love to receive gifts that are green. Any good ideas? What would you give for a green gift to a greenie?

5 thoughts on “How many people are giving gifts that are GREEN? for green living? for Christmas?”

  1. Envirosax eco-friendly bags are definitely my pick. You can get them as singles or in a 5 bag pouch to keep in your glove box. You can buy them on many sites, but I have found them a little bit cheaper at You’ll find them at alot of stores though, maybe look at their site.

  2. I am giving everyone (by household) a green gift basket this year. They include: a set of reusable shopping bags, battery chargers, a book with 100 ways to go green, envoro friendly cleaners and bath products, reusable water bottles, a houseplant and free trade coffee.

    If you are looking for green gifts, go to and look at their gift guide.


    I’m making my own Xmas cards this year! I take last years cards from others and trim them all down to the same bizness-envelope size. Then I glue old newspaper classified ads all over them for a neutral background, and to cover the personal messages from last year. For the past several weeks, I’ve been clipping out Christmas-themed pictures and phrases from magazine ads and newspaper circulars that I would throw out anyway, and glue them onto my cards. I pay my bills online, so I have a lot of empty envelopes they sent me that I’ve never used. That way, everyone gets a one-of-a kind sort of Christmas collage from me. I’m not an especially ‘green’ oriented person, but this has been a lot of fun, and everyone thus far seems to enjoy them. Sometimes a green ‘message’ is better than a green product?
    Merry Christmas! 🙂

  4. Dana1981, Master of Science

    I got most of my gifts from the rainforest site, which preserves a certain amount of rainforest land for each purchase made.

    I’m also getting a foldable canvas bag, power strip which turns the outlets off when not in use (to counteract leeching), got my sister a solar powered lawn stake ornament, and I’m getting a couple books about global warming.

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