What if australia depended on solar energy?

If australia began to use only solar energy to power the country, what do you think would happen? Also, what would happen to the other energy sources we are currently using and all the power lines? And how would we be able to make sure that important buildings like hospitals always have power?
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  1. ill give you a snippet of my blog post…

    The Worlds Power Supply Part-1 from my blog (link at bottom)

    Nearly all of the worlds energy come, either directly or in directly, from the sun.
    Even the winds are largely driven by the suns heat. And the energy derived from coal and oil was originally collected by plants from sunlight millions of years ago.
    The exceptions are Geo-thermal heat and Tidal-power which is governed by the moon.
    The Suns total Energy output is equivalent to 3800 million Million Million Mega-watts. (And 1 Mega-Watt is 1 Million Watts)
    But the earth intercepts Approx. 1/2,000,000,000th of this energy. About 1.9 Million Million Mega-Watts.
    The funny thing is that the entire earths power could be sustained on only 1 percent of that which is about 190,000 Million Mega-watts…
    and that is just talking about the world..
    Australia would be the best place for solar panels
    we have wide open sunny (for most of the year) places that we can easily setup..

    another post on my blog is about a new kind of solar panel that is flexible so you could roll it on a house. or some thing like that

  2. Your energy cost would skyrocket. You would still need the power lines to get power from a collection point to the cities. There is not enough surface area on a city office building to be able to collect enough solar energy to power the building. You will also be sitting in the dark a lot at night unless you can figure out a good way to store electricity on a grand scale.

  3. <<And how would we be able to make sure that important buildings like hospitals always have power?>>

    Any alternative energy source that is ‘intermittent’ solar or wind will be built with a storage mechanism, so that when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing, you will still have power. If a country were to rely fully on a technology like solar, they would set it up so that while the sun is shining, they would produce much more energy than they need. They would store the rest of the energy using technologies such as molten salt storage, creating hydrogen through electrolysis of water, or just simple batteries.

    Likely, a country will never rely fully on one source of energy like this.

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