How much money would it cost if we used solar energy and kinetic energy to supply the united states?

I need to know how much money it would cost to supply the entire united states with kinetic, wind, solar, and hydro-electric energy THANKS!!!! 🙂

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  1. It will cost too much now for it to happen but some people believe that by 2014 solar power could cost the same as power generated from fossil fuels (coal etc.) This would lead to considerably greater use of power from solar.

    As a side note there is not enough power to be generated from hydroelectric to power the US.

  2. Concentrating solar energy collectors with liquid salt heat storage for nights and cloudy days would need to cover about a 100 mile square area in a desert location to power the entire US including transportation. The total estimate for that to be built is around 10-12 trillion $$. If you figure we buy 100 billion $$ worth of oil each year from foreign countries, spent upwards of $1 trillion on a useless war in a region rich in oil (don’t tell me oil had nothing to do with our being there, I don’t believe that) and will spend another $1 trillion paying for the health care of those wounded in that war, made enough enemies so we will have to spend another $1 trillion over the next few years fighting the muslims in the mideast and destroying our environment while making millions sick at a huge cost to the economy by continuing to burn coal I think $10 trillion would be a pretty good bargain.

  3. A solar array for one three bedroom home currently costs approximately $30,000. Times say 100,000,000 households, equals approximately 30,000,000,000,000. So considering for reduction in cost for scale I would guess about 20 trillion dollars.

    So renewable energy, universal health care, fix social security and medicare and improvements to the countries infastructure all in the next two years.

    Maybe we could lodge two Chinese in every household to help with the work load and they could pay taxes to.

  4. Well, they are trying to tear down every damn so hydro is out. As to the others, you might as well burn the money to generate power as the others don’t work anyway.

  5. way to much it would never happen solar energy takes up way to much spacethere fore it is bad for ecosystems, kinetic would be impossible to run the united states with sorry

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