So Im a Green Bay fan living in Pittsburgh?

I have lived in Pittsburgh all my life but am a die hard Packers fan. People are already giving me **** about the Super Bowl haha. I think its funny. Anyone else ever been in a similar situation?

14 thoughts on “So Im a Green Bay fan living in Pittsburgh?”

  1. Hey Evan, I was wondering if you knew of any Packer friendly bars in Pittsburgh? I wanted to get in touch with other fans who like the Packers.

  2. I love Green Bay, but I’m a Steelers fan living in Pittsburgh. GB is my second favorite team in the NFL. Love the history, and the franchise. Best of luck to you in the game. I think it’s going to be a great one! Respect.


    Go Steelers!

    This is going to be my favorite Super Bowl of all time! I sure hope we can win it.

  3. Guess you can give it back to them after We beat the Bears. Now on to Dallas and playing real smart against those Steelers–right? You betchya! Be sure to wear your green and gold outfits for the next 2 weeks. that ought to get them. Stopped for gas today decked out in green and gold and everyone gave me the thumbs up. But this is Wis. AND Favre eat your heart out and sign those retirement papers fast.

  4. Dan - Go Steelers!

    No but I work with a Dallas fan, and we’ve been ripping him all year on how horrible the Cowboys have played. Before the year he was saying "Dallas will win the Super Bowl in their home stadium!". Didn’t take to long to shut him up, haha.

  5. Try being a Raven/Steeler/Bengal fan in Cleveland. I tip my hat to anyone insane enough to try doing that. No offense to Clevelanders, they’re just known for being die-hard fans.

  6. I seriously fear for your life. I was a Mets fan living in Boston during the ’86 World Series. Wasn’t too worried since I was in college. I heckled some fans from my apartment window after the Buckner play! Lol!

  7. I live in western MA and am a Jets fan. About 70% of people are Pats fans, 15% Giants fans, and 10% Jets fans; so I am in the minority, and as you can guess last weeks game was "fun".

  8. Who care bears will get their revenge y’all got lucky was it for our crappy offense line that can block for once we could of beat y’all.

  9. I’m a Packers fan in Illinois! Getting shit until today about how the Bears would win…DIDN’T HAPPEN 🙂

  10. Nope, but I’ve seen people go through it. It can be tough, but good for you for having your own opinion! I’m in Wisconsin and just watched football for the first time today, and boy did I pick a good day to start watching. I’m proud. 🙂

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