How much will it cost to install a solar energy power to run a few appliances such as lights,tv,e-fans?

Also where I can inquire here in the Philippines (NCR) about the installation of Solar Power Energy?

4 thoughts on “How much will it cost to install a solar energy power to run a few appliances such as lights,tv,e-fans?”

  1. I have been using solar and alternate energy for years now, on a budget.

    Your TV will use an average of 300 watts. The lights, if you use compact fluorescent bulbs, will use only about 11 watts each (see website below). Most appliances (not cooking) run on average about 300 watts each. Fans use about 100 watts on high.

    Total this up and you get about 7-800 watts.

    You need a solar power system capable of producing that much power and batteries to provide enough reserve in the evening when there is no sun.

    I use a radiant energy battery charger to restore old, discarded batteries back to like-new quality. I get my batteries for free from the local car or truck repair shops. The charger listed on the website below restores them.

    The solar power system I built myself from ebay. Look up evergreen solar cells. You can assemble them yourself for a fraction of the price of complete panels. 108 cells cost $219, providing 189 watts. You would need two or three of these sets and enough batteries to hold the energy.

    I would advise 10 truck batteries to power your appliances.

    You also need an inverter rated at 800 to 1,000 watts. Again, look on ebay to find inverters around $250.

  2. Its really expensive itll cost around £14000 here in uk this will give you panels to give approx 2300 watts but after you have saved the panels will probably need replacing

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