How solar energy can be generated at competitive cost?

How solar energy can be produced at competitive cost for the welfare of people at large?Presently what is the status of its use in india?

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  1. First, to be precise, nobody actually knows for sure. We do not even know exactly when life, as distinct from non-living chemical activity, began. Prior to life on earth, the elemental chemical composition of the earth was constant, same as now, but the molecular chemical composition was different. There was likely no free oxygen, the predominant gaseous materials likely being water vapor, methane, and ammonia. Once the average earth surface temperature dropped below the boiling point of water, life as we know it became possible. It is believed that various solar energy and atmospheric effects caused complex chemicals to form in puddles at the boundary between land and sea, and that, over time, these puddles became the first primitive living cells. Initial metabolism would have to have been based on methane, ammonia, water, and carbonates from rocks. Eventually, early bacteria-like creatures changed the atmosphere into something more similar to the present one, and this enabled the development of sugar formation (CO2 plus H2O plus energy) with oxygen as a byproduct, and the metabolism of sugar (CH2OHx plus O2 yields energy) with oxygen to obtain energy and get back the CO2 and H2O. There is evidence that this process was well under way 2 billion years ago.

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