Weekly Address: Solar Power & a Clean Energy Economy

The President points to a revolutionary new solar plant that will employ 1000 people and power 140000 homes. The plant is possible because of the President’s investments in the clean energy economy, which Congressional Republicans want to eliminate.

25 thoughts on “Weekly Address: Solar Power & a Clean Energy Economy”

  1. Presidential Approval Index: -17

    Strongly Approve: 28%
    Strongly Disapprove: 45%

    Total Approve: 47%
    Total Disapprove: 53%

    Rasmussen Reports survey of likely voters, 10/02/10.

  2. This video is good and all however, why did Obama put a freeze on drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico but gave a loan to Mexico for drilling in Mexico. He isn’t being truthful about keeping jobs in America.

    I do hope to see a positive change thou. It will be nice to see some of these clean energies used Now or the very near future.

  3. The WHITEHOUSE is on the right side on every issue. The only thing stopping America from surging forward now is the Obstructionist Party in the House and especially in the Senate.

    If we want progress, it’s up to the VOTERS, it’s up to people who are talking to their neighbors about green energy, it’s up to US to get the Obstructionist Party out of power. Just 41 U.S. Senators have stopped needed action again and again by filibuster.

    That’s not democracy.

    That’s tyranny of the minority.

  4. @MrSTANDFORAMERICA Well, you’re going on the street if this idiot stays in the oval office. Better start stacking blankets, because Obama has only gotten started with trying to rape this country.

  5. @lildwayne21 Not a chance, bud. Obama’s put far too many liberals into power. Our country is rotting.

  6. @NookulerFreedom He’s trying to keep up with the whole “KEEP OUR PLANET CLEAN” thing. Fossil fuels and nuclear energy don’t do too well with that agenda. It’s stupid, but nobody can really do much about it. Those that can are stupid and won’t, those that can’t are the ones who see.

  7. @juxtapos99 If you live on Eastern half of the US or the West coast, there is a good chance you already do live a few miles downwind from a nuclear plant:
    vv vv vv.insc.anl.gov/pwrmaps/map/united_states.php

  8. Fantastic – a solar power plant that produces 0.002% of the US’s energy. Meanwhile, this president has saddled us with another $1.578T in debt and more taxes. At this rate, it will only take another 90,000+ years and 73 quadrillion dollars extra in taxes to replace our entire electrical grid with solar power!

    Obama is all smoke and mirrors. This is just him throwing people a bone to buy votes.

    If you truly care about the environment, demand more from science and your government.

  9. @exNYinTX Democrats = Libtards = Progressives = Neo-Cons = Republicans = ( DEMO-CONS=TOTAL CRIMINALITY )
    If you are tired of the CORRUPTION and the SPECIAL INTERESTS killing this country, and want everybody to get a FAIR CHANCE to make it in AMERICA …..
    VOTE===> Libertarian Party -or- Constitutional Party
    Dr. RON PAUL for POTUS in 2012

  10. @exNYinTX
    And that is another lie you like to tell. When G.W. Bush was spending like crazy, Dr. RON PAUL stated the modern day Tea Party Movement back in ’06 and ’07. He had a 40% democratic base. <==FACT
    Now the Neo-Cons are trying to Hi-Jack the movement.
    Dr. RON PAUL for POTUS in 2012
    Judge ANDREW NAPOLITANO for VPOTUS in 2012

  11. @exNYinTX
    Anybody reading these comments can take any FACT that I wrote and check them out for themselves.
    You gave no FACTS at all.
    That like when you wrote that I was a racist who hated latin people. Then when I told you that I’m half white and half black with a dominican wife, you wrote down ‘you don’t care’. You must have cared at one point to bring up that I was a racist who hated latin people.
    Stop playing yourself, it’s not cool to do that.
    Dr. RON PAUL for POTUS in 2012


    Remeber you saying that our electric bills will ahve to go up 5x if we switch to Solar Power & a Clean Energy. This is not the change we asked for. To have our electric bills go up 5x. Mine is $285 a month, what the hell makes you think I can afford $1425 a month. Then to borrow the money from China, have us pay it back. Then charge us 5x more what what we can get for 5x less?
    Have you lost you communist mind.
    Go push your lies back in Kenya.

  13. @exNYinTX
    And please stop playing yourself, stop making facts up, and stop lying !
    1) You wrote down zero FACTS
    All you did was blame G.W. Bush for everything, even when I gave you the true FACTS (that anyone can look up on-line, and it is all in the history books).
    2) You couldn’t compete with the FACTS so you started calling names. That weak because you’re weak. Weak minded people like you should just stay out of debats, it’s not your speed. You can not handle the FACTS.
    PAUL 2012

  14. Mr President, so far, your record of achievement is poor! Every time you’ve spent boatloads of our money, you’ve promised it was going to provide jobs,
    Nothing you’ve performed on our behalf has worked.
    I’ll take pleasure, joining the rest of the nation in voting a fiscally responsible House and Senate into office in November.
    I will erupt in a veritable geyser of pleasure voting your MACK DADDY ASS OUT in November, 2012.

  15. @exNYinTX
    I see you love to live up to the Liberal Creed like a good lill’ O-Bot.
    The Liberal Creed- When faced with facts and losing the debat, do this
    1) Make facts up, who cares if it’s true or not.
    2) Call the other person names
    3) Call the other person a racist (even if it doesn’t make any sense)
    4) If all else fails, say “Fuck you” and run away
    Dr. RON PAUL for POTUS in 2012

  16. @xDuplixityx yea, I completely agree some of the laws need to be tweaked an changed but what I was basically trying to say in my first comment before i let anger get to me was lets fix our economy an our energy problem first since there pretty big problems then deal with the small things. The man can’t do it all at once. It takes time. But I do agree with you the parole/probation laws do need to be fixed.

  17. @xDuplixityx I don’t condone drug dealing at all. I was talking about parole/probation violations for drug use and possession.

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