How solar energy in converted into electricity and stored? what is that electrons or chips and batteries?

The so-called panels consist of some chips?what are those chips?Solar power stored in some Batteries.What are those batteries? Whether these panels can be manufactured in a small set up like any other Village Industries.OR How the heat generated by the solar energy can be transmitted to a copper coil and generate heat in it?

2 thoughts on “How solar energy in converted into electricity and stored? what is that electrons or chips and batteries?”

  1. Hi, I believe you are referring to silicon chips that use the photoelectric effect to collect light and convert it into electricity. This is typically collected in large units with panels wired together containing large numbers of chips. The electricity generated is stored in conventional batteries and used as needed. The manufacture of solar chips requires a high level of manufacturing skill and probably can’t be done at home. Chips are for sale from commercial suppliers and panels can be made from such chips and used anywhere in the world that there is sufficient sunlight to make it practical. The second question is I believe one that deals with Stirling cycle engines and requires more space than I have remaining to answer. I would be happy to do so though.

  2. Solar or light can be converted into current and batteries can be made at a smaller scale. Example is, small calculators are powered by solar cells.

    As for as construction of those batteries they are made of smaller cells and then smaller cells are joint with other smaller cells to make little large cells. Its very expensive to make them on commercial level thats why we are addicted to oil.

    Cheap things sometimes don’t come cheap.

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