How to decorate living room with green carpet and couches?

I moved into a house with plush green carpet and my couches are a darker green. The carpet was from the 90’s when hunter green and mauve was in.
How can I decorate it to make it look more modern? I was thinking jungle since there is so much green. LOL Please Help!

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  1. Are your upholstered pieces solid or print?
    Adding print and stripped or plaid pillows can help break up a monochromatic look. Adding colors like blues, yellows, eggplant, tans or taupe.
    Stay away from "themes"…they can look contrived…
    decorate with things that make YOU happy…that give the room the"feel" you want..

  2. yes go ahead and do jungle if you wanna redecorate in 6 months. um, butter yellow can provide some balance. sand/peanut too

    try to add an area rug and if it moves around too much try to secure pegboard to the carpet then lay a slipguard on top of the pegboard and then lay the area rug and it shouldnt move anymore

  3. mocha walls with some dark mocha/brown famed prints hanging, big potted plant or fake plants and some nice burshed stainless colored candle holders and such. I find that a dark tan or mocha looks really nice with the green. Get some color swatches from the hardware store and try a few different shades.

  4. What about adding taupe throw to add some light coloring and using slick lined black frames or even black and white photos for the walls. That way the couches and carpet would be like accents.

  5. I have a similar problem, green counter tops in the kitchen, and what to do w/the walls? I looked in some decorating books and they showed yellow walls w/green counter tops. Not sure if this would work for you. Try googling ‘decorating ideas’. .

  6. Try red walls, red and green look fabulous together. It may seem bold but color is in on walls! I don’t think the jungle theme will look modern. More furniture that is plain squared or rounded is the look. You could have a couple of throw pillows to match the walls and a big painting thats abstract with greens like your couch with just a hint of the red on the wall. Im a painter! Maybe look on ebay for a modern art abstract painting- you can get them super cheap on ebay!!! Sometimes if you find a painting you like that would match your carpet too- it will open up the creative side of you and you will put it together just from getting the art work! 1 piece of art can change a room.

  7. "Red and green should never be seen".
    Those two colours just makes me think of santa’s workshop or something. Yes, they are contrasting colours in art, but I don’t think they’ll do your living room any favours. I personally really love green and plum together.

    You could always go for a range of bright colours (think Ikea’s brightly coloured throws/cushions etc) throughout your room, or go quite plain (more beige’s and browns) with tiny bits throughout the room.

    It’s up to you and what colours you are into!

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