How to have green home/eco-friendly?

O.k. I have a few questions about having a green home:

1. Is it true that eco-friendly homes cut the percentage of having a cold or being sick?

2. What type of floors are best, baboo, wood, carpet, what?

3. Type of lighting; what are good lights that you can use?

4. What are good furnitures; that don’t absorb alot of dust.

5. What is a good location for having an eco-friendly (or green home) home? The city, the suburbs, a farm, near an ocean?ect..

6. Last would the payment of lighting, water, electricity, be less? Meaning would the percentage of paying be less?

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  1. Bamboo is always mentioned for flooring but be aware that it’s very soft and will scratch up easily. I’d think a laminate would be greener than wood as no trees were harmed. It’s way cheaper and the one I’ve picked seems indestructable. Carpeting is scorned for being hard to keep clean.. it can hold dust mites, mold, allergens etc. Getting rid of old carpets can relieve allergies.
    You can save water costs by having the rain runoff from your home gutters funnel into a rain barrel for watering your lawn or garden.
    Switch to a front loading cloths washer and you’ll save on water costs too. Upgrade to energy efficient appliances as you old ones die off.
    Replacing old windows will bring down energy costs. If you can’t, then at least be sure they are calked around the edges outside.
    As previously mentioned, alot can be saved by changing lightbulbs (if you don’t mind the hideous light hues). Skylights are nicer. There’s a brand called solutube that are a kind of tube with diffusers on them and are used to brighten dark halls or bathrooms with natural light.
    Green homes can be anywhere. But naturally it’s healthier to live somewhere that’s not polluted.

  2. 1. A new study that I read last week states that the flu virus spreads most rapidly at 41 degrees Fahrenheit and 35% or below relative humidity.

    2. It depends on what you like and what room you want the flooring. See my web site; for ideas.

    3. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are becoming more economical to buy and they are energy efficient.

    4. Wood or leather will not absorb dust, but you need to determine for what use and room you want to use the furniture.

    5. You can have or make an eco-friendly home where ever you want. What price do you want to pay?

    6. The year around temperature extremes determine your heat, electric and water bills. You can minimize these with solar assisted water heating, solar panels for generating electricity and low maintenance plants and lawn for water reduction.

  3. your eco home should be enviomentaly friendly, economical to lve in and maintain.
    1. I believe you could because of the percise climet controle abilitys.
    2. bamboo or wood
    3. natural light is the very best but floresent is good
    4. leather
    5. you can have an eco home anywere.
    6. depends to what extent you put into building your eco home the more you design and implament the more efficient the home will be.

  4. Here is a good site to help get you going:

    1. Yes.
    2. has great suggestions.
    3. You should use florescent light bulbs like in this link: there is a 12 pack for 20 bucks. Most likely changing all your light bulbs in your house will equal the electrical use of just 1 or 2 conventional light bulbs. Also they last for a extremely long time. So you don’t have to change light bulbs very often also saving you money.
    4. I would highly suggest reading this link. Greening furniture has many different factors to it, and I could write a book about it LOL. But someone else already has so here ya go:
    5. Well living in the country would be a start if you would like to be surrounded with healthy air. The city has a lot of smog so I wouldn’t find it a very healthy place to live air quality wise. A place in the country that has a moderate time for winter would probably be best. I bet the cleanest air is in Alaska. LOL
    6. Just changing your light bulbs and using florescent lighting will reduce costs alone so yes. However going green can be an expensive process.

    Refer to the site below to find all your green suggestions. Also money saving tips on going green.

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