So Im a Green Bay fan living in Pittsburgh?

I have lived in Pittsburgh all my life but am a die hard Packers fan. People are already giving me **** about the Super Bowl haha. I think its funny. Anyone else ever been in a similar situation?

16 thoughts on “So Im a Green Bay fan living in Pittsburgh?”

  1. lol, same as me, I live in Pittsburgh too all my life and am a Rams fan, so we obviously haven’t been in the playoffs in a while so I always get ripped on for being a Ram fan.

  2. Amanda- Phills, Pats, Flyers!

    I’m a Patriots fan living in Philly. Whenver I wear my Brady jersey to school… Well, let me give you an idea of what people say to me.


    "Why do you like that fag?"

    "You just wasted 80 bucks on that jersey"

    "*FART NOISE*"

    "Tom Brady!! Eeewww!!!"

  3. And I’m a lifelong Steelers fan currently living in Az

    it’s too bad, that there are some jerks, in all fans

    Az is pretty laid back, so I don’t get much of the nasty stuff,
    mostly just "good ribbin" from people having some fun
    I have no problem with that

  4. I follow the Raiders but live in Detroit(can you blame me, I think it’s the only franchise to never have played in a super bowl). And yes, I do get shit from people when I represent the silver and black


    How is somebody from Pittsburgh a Packers fan? Well, just keep repping your team, don’t let anybody stop you. I have never been in that situation.

  6. Playing off of what Erik Walden said, there has a ton of Eagles fan down here since Michael Vick signed with Philly.

  7. Yep.

    I’m a ‘Burgh girl in Browns’ Town.

    I find it pretty hilarious, actually. I wear my Black & Gold and whoever doesn’t like it can kiss my butt.

  8. Die hard Sox fan from Boston going to college at NYU. Everybody gives me crap. I hate the Yankeessssssssssssssssssssss!!

  9. Erik Walden: Week 17 Legend

    The only thing I’ve been through that compares to it is dealing with all the impromptu Vikings fans in Wisconsin after Favre got traded to Minnesota.

  10. Im a red sox fan living in queens ny. Try every time the sox play the yanks getting garbage. Cant even wear my sox shirts and hats in public

  11. Nah, not really but I wouldn’t doubt your situation for a second. I’m a Nets, Mets, and Jets fan, so I was only called a "bandwagon Jets fan" this years, not called a bandwagon Jets fan anymore though lol. Don’t let idiots on Yahoo Answers get to you. When the Nets win an NBA championship in 10 years, they will label me as a bandwagon Nets fan too. Good luck to the Pack.

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