How to make green clothes black on photoshop?

i have a pic of a friend, he’s wearing green and jeans.
And I’m tryin some design but his clothes need to be black
And Idk how to make them black, pretty much every other color in the world is possible with hue/saturation but black..
I tried everything…any help would be appreciated…thanks 🙂

2 thoughts on “How to make green clothes black on photoshop?”

  1. If you want it to look fake then do it ^That way.
    I’m sure you want it to look real. Duplicate the background layer, erase everything but the shirt, and place the layer blend mode of multiply, and do this maybe two times depending on the photo. It will be a dark green. Merge, and then duplicate the new background and desaturate it and erase everything but the shirt.

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