How to remove tomato vine/plant green stains from clothing?

I have green stains on my blue cotton shirt from picking tomatoes. The stains came from the vine/plant. Tried using "Spray and Wash" but did not work….any ideas?

3 thoughts on “How to remove tomato vine/plant green stains from clothing?”

  1. Yep, get some Oxi-clean. If that doesn’t get it, nothing will.

    Since you’ve already washed and dried the shirt, those stains may be a permanent part of the fiber.

    "If you care what it looks like, don’t wear it in the garden."

  2. Oxi-Clean — a dry powder that is mixed with hot water (I think it essentially turns into hydrogen peroxide) — great at removing organic-based stains (grass stains, blood stains, dog poop stains)

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