How to Utilize Solar Energy for Homw use?

Kindly send me references for the utilization of solar energy for home use like to generate electricity, to use it for heating up water bath etc. I want to do all the project on my own. Your support will be highly appreciated.

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  1. There’s a wealth of project information free at . Just search for "solar heater" when you get there.

    Be cautious about websites that try to sell you plans or information, especially if the claims seem too good to be true. If solar was cheap and easy, everyone would have it.

  2. You should check out my source and consider buying a DIY instruction. It,s very difficult to do without, so the money is well spend.
    Good luck!

  3. Solar energy can used in many ways. we can use this energy by putting solar panels in our houses and we can generate this energy like we have heard of things like solar geezer , solar cooker , solar lights etc. if we use solar energy in this way then we can also preserve our natural resources.
    some uses for solar energy would be telling time with sun dial, cooking, pumping water, purifying water, heating water (pools), and to heat air.
    Solar Energy is used mostly in places where there is a lot of sunlight. It is used in power plants in warm sunny climates, and on houses in around the same places. They are solar paneled houses which can be anywhere. Basically, solar energy can be found anywhere there is sunlight. It will work better with more sunlight though.

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