How would convert solar energy to electrical energy?

I’m doing a project in Science Club and me and the other people in club are wondering about how we could convert solar energy into electrical energy on a system?

4 thoughts on “How would convert solar energy to electrical energy?”

  1. Solar panels are expensive. Using a solar furnace would be novel, converting the steam and a turbine to run an alternator or DC generator. A lot depends on whether you want AC or DC, the voltage or current required are important, too.

  2. solar energy panels can capture the suns energy, to transfer to electricity hook the panel to a 12 volt voltage regulator and then to a automotive 12 volt battery.
    To use the electricity hook up a voltage regulator to the battery then hook a toggle switch to the voltage regulator positive wire feed, on the other end of the regulator hook up a 12 volt appliance or light bulb, grounded of course.

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