Green Homes

Art Fennell Reports’ Janet Zappala talks with 2 men who have found an energy and resource saving way to make functional homes.

10 thoughts on “Green Homes”

  1. Typical “news” this is nothing more than an advertisement. Those two scamming con-men skirted around the question of price. A real journalist as opposed to a corporate controlled reporter would have stuck it to him and said “YOU DID NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION!” WHAT PRICE ARE WE LOOKING AT!
    These so-called green homes in the USA and around the world are put out by the same bastards that keep the status quo and care nothing about working people and the poor!

  2. Another great idea that should be all over television in use of recycling the containers for use building homes. People are so concerned these days with saving so why not just use what is just setting off at shipping yard to create more stuff not just homes. We need more companies like SG Block, LLC because trees are being used with no real apparent reason but profit for those companies already in the housing market.

  3. SG Blocks, LLC has developed a system using Recycled steel shipping containers to build structures that are super efficient, safe and green. This is an inovative way to build. The Valu-Cycling concept is extremely important in regards to sustainable building. Google “SG Blocks” to learn more.

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