I am considering a solar panels. How can I tell if my area gets enough solar energy a year to be worthwhile?

I want to know how I can determine my area’s (Rochester NY) yearly solar energy output to see if it would make economic sense to install solar panels. Any websites or resources where I can look?

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  1. roderick_young

    Here is the historical insolation data from the National Renewable Energy Labs: http://rredc.nrel.gov/solar/old_data/nsrdb/redbook/atlas/

    It shows New York at about 4.5 peak equivalent sun hours per day, annualized. That assumes that if it snows, you push the snow off your panels.

    What that means is for every kW of panels you install, you will get about 1600 kWh of energy per year. That assumes you have a suitable site – south facing roof, no trees or structures shading it for most of the day. As to whether that’s worth it, you’d have to look at your local electric rates, and how much an installer would charge to put in a system.

    New York is not one of the states that historically has had a lot of solar, but New Jersey has been – second only to California. Possibly there could be a financial case for it, with the new unlimited 30% federal tax credit.

  2. oil field trash

    The only solar energy collector that is economic is a hot water heater. Electric panels simply cost to much and don’t last long enough.

    In your case you also need to allow for snow removal so the panels can "see" the sun.

  3. If you are looking for the cheapest electrical power available solar panels are not going to be what you want.

    Roughly solar panels will supply electrical power costing about 3-10 times more than what you can purchase from your local electrical company when averaged over the 20-25 year life of any solar panels.

    Go look at how much you spend for your electricity in a single year. Then go look at how many solar panels you can purchase for this amount of cash (In my case I spend about $1000 each year for power).

    This means that economic "sense" must be tempered with some other desire for the solar panels.

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