What color clothing would highlight my green eyes?

i have emerald eyes and i really like them, and i want to make them stand out, what are the colors that make green eyes stand out? i have orange-ish undertones and curly brown hair about and inch and a half past my shoulders
OMG these answers are all SO great!!! i don’t know which to choose tp choose!!

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  1. well i’m just like you..i have the gorgeous green eyes, and the curly light brown hair with the great undertones..i always use a white tee..gray..light blue(like the ocean or sky)..purple..and most af all green..my favorite color=DD

  2. Plums and light greens and darker greens too. If you really want to highlight your eyes try i the color intensifying eye shadow! Good Luck!

  3. I would go with reds, purples, and greens of course.
    Reds would be good because red and green are complimentary colors so the red will make your green eyes stand out.

  4. crazeblondeperson

    green obviously, and i think brown would look very good too, especially with brown hair!

  5. i have green eyes and if you wear a simular colour eyeshawdow to your eyes it makes them stand out alot. i know u wanted clothing but i thought this might help

  6. words of wisdom

    go for light and dark browns but nothing in the middle. no bage or tan. green also brings out your eyes it would have to be lime green.

  7. Pale green, turquoise, dark brown, black, purple, pink, red, and navy really make green eyes pop. Avoid orange, pale pinks, baby blue, and white.

  8. I would write a long essay about what would make your eyes pop but the answer is simple and everyone knows it: Brown or purple.

    The purple should be a medium – dark purple, and the brown- well brown is brown!
    Good luck!

  9. mileycyrus105205

    Wow, I can picture you now and you look pretty! There are two options here:

    Lighter Colors
    Lighter colors will give people the feeling your fun and kind. Colors like orange, yellow and bright red would really work well with your light brown hair. You have a lot of similar features as Miley Cyrus so here are some awesome outfits worn by the actual Miley!!




    Darker Colors
    Dark colors such as Black and brown are also a very good choice. I’d say if I were you, I would wear dark colors, those make your pretty eyes stand out more! Also try dark blue, dark red, dark purple. And jeans would look good on you! So here are some cool outfits!




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