i married a US citizen and living outside of US with 10 years green card, how can i maintain my green card?

my husband is US citizen, we married in States. According to his job, we all moved to Switzerland after the marriage and planning to live there for 3 more years, but i am a green card holder for 10 years, how can i keep my green card status by living outside of US?

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  1. You need to come back to the USA immediately and live here w/out interruption for at least 1 more year and then apply for Citizenship. At this point, you’re risking losing your Green Card.

  2. The maximum you can be outside the US and maintain your green card is 12 months. If you know before you leave you will be gone longer, you can apply for a re entry permit which will extend this to 24 months. However any time spent out of the US over 6 months will reset your residency time line for becoming a US citizen.
    The longest you can be outside the US and keep your green card is 2 yrs (after you have filed for re entry permit) Go over this, and you automatically forfeitt your green card.


  3. Leaving the US for more than a year can cause immigration to assume you have abandoned your residency and you will have to start all over. You need to get a re entry permit or maintain a home in the US. Also being out of the country will affect your continious residence timeline when you want to file for citizenship

  4. Giiiiiiiiirl, you need to try for a complete citizenship! It’s easy! You just apply, I believe you take a test, and you’re a citizen. The fat that you’re married to a US citizen is like an automatic green card. Have you ever seen the movie The Proposal? With Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock? Same situation. She’s from Canada, she’s the CEO of a publishing company, and her superiors were going to deport her. So she marries an American guy and she keeps her job.

  5. from what you are saying there is no way to maintain your status, your husband will have to re-apply for your status

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