Can I hire students to design and build an (affordable) green house in CA?

I wonder if it is possible to hire advance students to design and build a green (and affordable) home. I’m thinking about a shipping container house and find someone who can lay out wiring, plumbing, septic, isolation, etc. Do I need certified professionals in California to build one? Thanks so much for your answers.

1 thought on “Can I hire students to design and build an (affordable) green house in CA?”

  1. California is a touchy state. First you need to talk to your local code enforcement agency about this.
    I’d hate to get started on this project, and have it slammed "shut down" and out any money.
    There are areas in California where these trailers have piled up, and they are being used as housing. Long Beach I believe.
    If you do get the ok. Find a collage or tec school. Check it out, and run your idea through the teachers. If they like the idea, let them take it to the Dean with you attending. Also retain a lawyer and Insurance. Just in case someone gets hurt. Our state seems to be a big SUE state., either by somebody getting hurt,. Or that neighbor down the street.

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