I need help picking out a paint color for my living room that would go with hunter green carpet?

The people that lived there before had the walls done with wall paper that has a green flower pattern on it and I do not like it. I would like to keep the carpet though because it is still in good shape but I do not have any clue what color would go with hunter green. I do not want the room to be to dark because it is the first thing that people see when they come into my house.

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  1. Green is an earthtone–think of other earthtones, colors you see when walking outside or through a forest–everything in a forest "matches". Different shades of browns, oranges (in the fall), yellows, creams, etc.

  2. I would have to 100% agree with gr82cu. I think those colors would be the best with green carpet. Green is a very powerful color and hard to find cordinating wall colors. The tan colors are definatly the dirction you need to go.

  3. Choose a lighter green, perhaps a ‘sea green’ that has lots of ‘white’ in it … or choose a pale yellow color. I like the hunter green carpet and the ‘sea green’ walls, though … but if you do use the ‘same’ color, just lighter, then you’ll need to choose a good ‘contrasting’ color to ‘brighten up’ the whole room … a nice ‘medium red’ would work, or a ‘pattern’ with pink and burgundy would also be good.

  4. Try a very light pink. Break up the pink with a lot of art. Or you could try some type of paint technique over the pink. But pink… pink and green are best.

  5. BeautifulDisaster

    Green…hmmmm…to be honest…all neutral colors like tan…coffee bean….all of those light browns are really nice and its a very comfortable home feeling.

  6. you should defentetly chose a mixture of dark and light brown!
    my friend has dark green carpet with a luxury brownish looking color and it is so preaty. i like to go cause it looks like imm at a forest or something. its relaxing. hope this helped
    good luck

  7. Beige, tans, or cream colors. Dark colored carpet makes rooms look instantly smaller, so you will want to brighten the room up with the lighter side of any of these colors to make the room look bigger and more inviting.

  8. Hunter green is a strong color, so you certainly want to stay away from any thing bold or dark, unless you want a library effect, which can be very attractive, but that doesn’t sound like the look you want. You didn’t say what color your existing furniture is, or what woodtones…dark, light, natural?
    My guess is that you want a traditional look, and a good choice would be in beiges that have gold and yellow undertones. If you look at paint chips at the store, you will notice the variation of white/beige,yellow tints. To make it easier, bring a swatch of fabric, or a pillow from your sofa and chairs. Try to find the lightest tone in the fabric, if it’s a print. If solid, ask the clerk if he can tell you what undertones are in the swatch. Try to choose a color that doesn’t clash, but blends harmoniously with the light shade. Another way to tone down the green, place a large area rug to ground the conversation area, i.e. sofa, loveseat, chairs, coffee table. Pull the furniture away from the walls far enough that you can stand behind each piece. Place the furniture in a pleasing arrangement, so that the front legs of all the pieces set on the rug.
    Think, conversation…people should be able to talk to the person across from them. Place the coffee table 18 inches from the front of the sofa. The rug can be any color pulled from your upholstered furniture, or a modern pattern, if your furniture is a solid color or a tiny pattern.

    Hope that helps.

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