I need to interview someone for a research paper on green living?

I need to do an email interview with someone who is an expert in green living.

Where should I start? Do any universities have professors that are experts in green living?

Any ideas would be helpful!


3 thoughts on “I need to interview someone for a research paper on green living?”

  1. I can’t think of a better expert on green living than Ed Bagley Jr. There are many sites that you may be able to contact him through.

  2. go to greenhouson.org

    they are a organization that sspecializes in helping houston go green im sure they would do an interveiw with u

  3. Lots of universities have experts on environmental issues. Look for physical geographers, earth systems science people, or environmental scientists.

    or, if there is an environmental activism group in your area contact them. (i.e. a watershed association, park cleanup group, etc).

    The city might also have someone you could contact that promotes environmental issues.

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