What are some bad aspects of solar energy?

I need some information for my negative debate speech. The subject is "Should the American goverment support solar energy?" If you could help it would greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. .:♡Milan♡:.

    Converting to solar energy is a good way to help the earth stay clean and green. But the bad comes with all the good. Solar panels (they convert the sun’s rays the electricity) do cost a lot and they don’t work as well in over-cast weather and they don’t work at all at night. but once you install the panels you basically don’t have to pay bills because your off the electricity grid.

    hope i helped ♡♡♡♡♡ =) =)

  2. Oh. I was going to say that solar is only available half the time at best. But once you throw gov’t into the mix, you have a GREAT argument. Gov’t isn’t designed to provide efficiency or innovation. It almost always forces the wrong solution onto a ‘problem’ which is only perceived, thereby creating REAL problems. And bureaucracies are incapable of taking advantage of the heart of capitalism, free enterprise. Putting gov’t into the search for alternative energy is like trying to train an elephant for Cirque du Soleil.

  3. Keep in mind I like solar energy, but I’ll give you some points.

    1) It costs more
    2) panels degrade faster than other energy sources equipment
    3) They consume arable land
    4) they consume natural habitat to set up
    5) They can be unsightly (visual pollution)
    6) Higher upkeep costs
    7) Can be a hazard in high winds
    8) transimssion issues getting energy from collection point to use point
    9) energy only available in good weather
    10) seasonality to its generation makes it an irregular energy source

    There are good arguments in reply to all these points, but you wanted some negative debate points.

  4. Yes the American government should support many types of renewable fuel, like solar, but some negative things are: the technology is expensive now because of lack of government subsidies and competition in the market, not all areas in the U.S. are ideal for solar energy, and you need an extensive back up and storage system.

  5. Keep the Gov. out of it. Solar energy is not quite as reliable as u would want. The wind mill for here in Texas does not work well as when it gets dark the wind quits.

  6. i dont think that there are any bad aspects expect for the fact that till date there is no very effective method to store the solar energy………..(semiconductors are used for storing its energy)

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