I want to paint an accent wall in my living room this shade of green, but?

I’m not sure what color to paint the other 3 walls? I’m afraid if I paint all the walls this color green it will be too much, so I thought an accent wall would be a safe way to go. Is that a bad idea? I’m going for a country style living room like the one in the picture. Any advice?

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  1. In the picture, you will notice that beige and charcoal work quite well with the green. I would suggest you let the green be the highlight for your room on the feature wall, but consider doing a textured finish. Start with a charcoal wall and then use a texturised roller to add the green in the quanity you want. Make the other walls a mix of chacoal and beige by defining different geometrical areas in proportions that please you.

    You may like to make your ceilings parchment rather than a white too so it does not look too stark.

    Hope this was helpful.



  2. Are you saying the green in the background ?
    Be careful with this choice as it doesn’t apply to country kitchens.
    Have a look at the muted shades of grey green, olive green, gum leaf green and soon on. Works well with sandy colours. All tones of the white range.
    The use of natural woods and leathers looks cool. Hey, knock yourself out. The worlds your oyster when it comes to decorating.

  3. try bottle green on one wall with beige on the rest of the walls. You can add some upholstery in the same tone as bottle green or which ever shade of green you would like to paint in your room.

  4. could not see the color real well.

    i have sage green walls – i went with don’t ask me how but 3 different shades. 2 shades were darker tones family room n one shade was very light – kitchen area n we have one wall in the kitchen with the darker shade. then for total contrast we went with a honey gold for the stairway.

    fyi – going with the sage green i cud not belv how many colors u could actually cooridnate into the room w/yr accent pieces.

    good luck

  5. yeah i know what you are saying and i love the country style i would go with the accent wall perhaps do a textured paint like sponging of stippling. For the other walls i would use a beige or light brown colour.

  6. Use wallpapers,painting walls is sooooo boring.Everybody just paint the walls and feel happy,but there is no design in painting,unless it’s not a venetian painting. Good quality Italian wallpapers will create an absolutely rich and amazing design.

  7. Since we could not see the shade of green, it is a little more difficult to answer, but taupe, beige or coffee with a lot of cream in it would be pretty with just about any green.

  8. If the color is deep like the one shown-when choosing your color chart go to the lightest or second lightest on that strip for the perfect match-

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