Solar Energy?????

In layman’s terms, could anyone explain how solar energy actually works? I know that captured sunlight can be stored and converted to electricity, but how is this done? What is this "grid" that I have heard mention of?

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  1. The last link has info about the "grid" part of your question. It basically means you’re "unplugged," and not pulling from the utilities, that you’re self-sufficient.

  2. Visit this web-site It shows you how they do it
    Hope this helped you understand.
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  3. See Wikipedia for a primer on solar panels.

    The "grid" is the power network. Its the network of power plants, transmission lines, substation, and local power lines that take electricity from the the power plants to your home. The whole nation is interconnected so electricity generated in one part of the country can be used to light a house in another.

    Being "off the grid" means not using electricity generated by one of the big power plants but rather using electricity generated at home, i.e. by solar panels or windmills.

  4. A solar panel is a device that collects and converts solar energy into electricity or heat which can be used by (for example) nearby buildings.

    Solar photovoltaic panels can be made so that the sun’s energy excites the atoms in a silicon layer between two protector panels. Electrons from these excited atoms form an electric current, which can be used by external devices. Solar panels were in use over one hundred years ago for water heating in homes.

    Solar panels can also be made with a specially shaped mirror that concentrates light onto a tube of oil. The oil then heats up, and travels through a vat of water, instantly boiling it. The steam created turns a turbine for power.

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