Israel targets Palestinian solar panels in bid for West Bank dominance

Israel has refused to co-operate with the UN’s fact-finding mission, expected to investigate Israeli settlements in the West Bank. It comes after the organization authorized the probe on Thursday. As RT’s Paula Slier reports, Israel shows little sign of stopping its policy of expansion in the area. RT on Twitter RT on Facebook

23 thoughts on “Israel targets Palestinian solar panels in bid for West Bank dominance”

  1. What about the Native American Holocaust which was 10 times worse than the Jewish Holocaust? Jewish people are not more important than anyone else and no one in particular is greater than the other… It is individual character, intent, and actions!

  2. If you think other people should see this video then vote it up. I think people often confuse “like” with agreeing with what’s happening in the video.

  3. 5 Million Palestinians want the right of return. But where is Americans position on these Genocidal maniac Israelis?

  4. Remember Israelis also destroyed Gaza international airport.
    I wonder who the real terrorist state is.

  5. Didn’t these JEW arseholes learn anything at all from the reason for the Holochaust??????

  6. no doubt-those evil jews need to be taught to respect other people….or maybe they need to be treated exactly how they’ve treated the palestiniians for several decades-YUP
    it’s almost as if that evil zionist regime is trying to make the world hate israel-and i do believe it’s working!

  7. coz they know education and tehnology are their bigest enemies.thats why they hate iran that much coz iran is progresing at very fast rate.

  8. But don’t worry about Assad killing Sunnis or Egyptians killing Copts or libians killing blacks and anyone else, the real important story is these stupid solar panels that haven’t been given permission. Are you crazy or something?

  9. MrMentalflossed

    denying people a life is not gods way,… instead could you imagine a headline—– israeli notices solar panels in the desert and take part in building more along side——– because it is for all we love that we regret ,..and all are one lest we forget—– that simple act of helping instead of destroying,undrstanding needs and not bestowing, a title upon a man from this or that land,..but all are men and lady be sons and daughters we are you know,.. please love each other let fear go.

  10. What if America had invested all the money used to fund wars in solar panels and wind farms or other renewable energy hmm?

  11. because they want to make the palestinians beg for death, thats why. the ancient israelites would have spat in the faces of the modern age israelites, it is a tragedy what the world is letting israel do, and the rest of the world is no better for not doing anything to stop this unhumane action. Palestines water, and other basic needs depends on these solar panels… so much for peace and the term of a humane race, we can not even live up to the animals let alone to the aspect os a human being.

  12. Dont you know?Anybody and Anything is a threat to Israel,you should research zionism you will be suprised by the amount of racial hatred they have for us “Goyims”!

  13. kiyorakanachikyuuhe

    Zionists are LUCIFER DISEASE. (悪魔病です)
    Save the Zionists from disease.
    Change DNA to normal.
    Then we will be saved.

  14. I heard that the Holocaust was propaganda,and never happened,and I didn’t believe that,but now I’m beginning to believe it really didn’t happen.Because how can a people that claim to have experienced such inhumane and evil treatment do these type of things to a people that they know are no real threat to them? This is absolutely crazy……SMFH

  15. Most Israelis are Genocidal psychopaths. They know their “history” is complete bullshit.

  16. Two peoples who are dominated by insane religious ideologies. I have zero sympathy for either side. I just want my country out of it,

  17. Because they fund almost all Western political candidates during their run up for election, so they’ve become untouchable since those countries make up the UN Security council.

  18. turkishdeaththreat


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