Kickstarter for Tampa Bay Green Living Economy

This kickstarter is to finance three components for Code Green Community web-series /documentary: Website (including over 100+ new Youtubes) Documentary “Tampa Bay Green Living Economy” Expansion of Green Living Economy Map Livestream (Bonus) For over 4 years a online community website has been connecting people from all around the Tampa bay area, Florida ( . This online community has grown with the development of a youtube series ( ) where a young man named Eric Stewart travels around the Tampa bay area sharing his stories of volunteering at community gardens, attending green community events, attending ECHO in Ft. Myer with Permaculture Guild, participating in the creation of an Earthship, Investigating Organic Farms such as Sweetwater Farm, learning about Commercial Aquaponics like at Green Acres Organic, exploring backyard homesteads with GreenDreams and attending events hosted in a retrofitted green commercial building at the Roosevelt 2.0. The website Code Green Community has expanded to form an online bio-regional community of like minded folk that want a more sustainable, resilient, and abundant Tampa bay area! We support open source education of Permaculture and Transition Towns!

3 thoughts on “Kickstarter for Tampa Bay Green Living Economy”

  1. CodeGreenCommunity

    Thanks for the encouragement Purge! Wizzle care to explain? Are you requesting we do kids muppet shows? We were entertaining the idea of a Sustainability street concept…..

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