ChromaFX Chroma Key Green Special Effects Body Suit

Get one now @: This is a demo video of the ChromaFX Chroma Key Special Effects Body Suit. Just one example of the many killer effects you can achieve with a suit like this! Quit watching videos and make something awesome! You can get a suit of your very own at

25 thoughts on “ChromaFX Chroma Key Green Special Effects Body Suit”

  1. How is it that the body of the turtle stays green. and not haunted ground? His body is still too green?

  2. Do you have a video explaining how do you that?. I have to do the samething but i can not get it, because i have some shadows on the puppet and it makes really hard to do the croma. Thanks!

  3. passtheyoggurt

    @RyanDSM94 the rock is a separate .png image file simply layered on top of a stock photo of a lake.

  4. what camera have you used to record this video? can i use an iphone 4 to record videos in front of a green screen? and what softwrae did you use? please help thank you

  5. @mzrealm Zentai fetish suits are built very tight where you cannot wear clothing underneath. They’re also built as one piece with the zipper up the backside which causes a few problems. You can’t bend forward with a back zipper, and the one piece fabric is hard to get into as well as see and breath through. Try it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  6. @MrHmoobhtt no people crouched below tables and controlled them the old fassion way

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