Leviton Green Living Products

www.leviton.com Leviton Green Living Products Welcome to the energy-saving benefits of Leviton home controls Green living begins at home, where small changes in the way you control lighting can pay big dividends. Simply replace switches with dimmers, timers or occupancy sensors to reduce power usage, lower your energy bills and help improve the environment. Another bright way to conserve is to substitute Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) for incandescent bulbs. Our large selection of Green Living home controls goes beyond energy savings, with advanced features and stylish details that will enrich and beautify your home. At Leviton, we make it easy to be green. Leviton’s Green Living Collection meets all applicable UL, CSA and other agency standards. It includes: – Dimmers, Fan Speed Controls, Occupancy Sensors and Timers – Title 24 Manual-On Occupancy Sensor – Compact Fluorescent Ceiling Lampholder

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