Liberals…what are some of the ways you are living 'green' everyday?

I hope your not eating meat, and got rid of your plasmas and big screen tvs…you dont keep your thermostats above 68 degrees do you? Are you driving a smart car? What about breathing too much…you do know its dangerous and is very very bad for the world…how are you controlling that? Give me some examples of your green living…hopefully its strictly ‘green’ wouldnt dare contribute to the ‘climate change’…would you?

17 thoughts on “Liberals…what are some of the ways you are living 'green' everyday?”

  1. I don’t live green. The political party someone votes for is not always based on one issue. People are more complicated than that. I love meat and fast cars and big screen tv’s and being able to own a gun. I have never been on welfare, but I have used government programs like pell grants. What I really want is some health insurance. I would love to be able to get a check up once a year, or go to the hospital when I think I have a contagious illness. Democrats have the same nut jobs that the republicans have, but as a normal guy, I feel democrats are more for me.

  2. I don’t own a car. I walk anyplace I have to go that is less than a mile. I don’t own a plasma TV or a big screen TV.

  3. Dear conservative douche…
    Why Do you feel like arguing over the internet. Of course, just because you are on one side of political party doesn’t mean you agree with them all the time.

  4. quest for truth gal

    You’re being very silly. Breathing? I recycle, drive an energy efficient car and have bought energy efficient appliances. I also keep the thermostat low. I think most people are becoming more aware of ways in which they can individually help protect the environment. Being evironmentally conscious is not a matter for ignorant ridicule. I would hope that conservatives are also interested in protecting our environment.

  5. Wow, must be nice to be as perfect as you. If you are this sarcastic and caustic in the real world you must be a real joy to live with. And no I’m not a lib, I just tired of listening to the right bashing the left and the left bashing the right. Meanwhile everyone in between is the only traffic that’s moving.

  6. I’m not. I continue to eat bacon cheeseburgers, drive my Honda Accord, and setting the thermostat in my apartment to 72.

  7. I love meat. Steak is my favorite. We did trade in an SUV for a better gas mileage car, though that was largely because last year, Republicans sent gas costs through the roof.

    We just got that energy efficient insulation stuff. It really does seem to be helping, drastically cut the bills. If electric cars were available and affordable, I’d go for that. In the meantime, we just recycle. And eat fabulous dinners, sorry to disappoint.

  8. ℃ȁṛㅉḝň☂

    My thermostat is at 62 while I’m home, and 56 at other times. I use "green paper" for work, and many green personal products. I guess you do whatever you want; you just feel you have the right to check on others. I’m sure your excesses balance my green practices.

  9. Screw that, I only buy t-bone and porter house steaks in 16oz sizes. I have a 50" plazma in the livingroom and a 32 in every bedroom. I drive a Ford F-250 superduty even when I haven’t any reason to or I take the H1 hummvee. I think climate change is a hoax. If some people want to live like a homeless savage let them do it. Not me.

  10. oh yes and they will paint all their roofs white
    do as they say not as they do
    is what they want
    wow thumbs down?
    well sorry but this is what i have seen

  11. … I don’t get it is this supposed to make me feel bad?… I’m a liberal, not a member of green peace.

  12. Stephanie says ur a windowlicker

    Hmm yes the amount of oxygen I inhale daily is equal to the pollution of a massive corporation that spills cancer causing chemicals into groundwater.

  13. I moved a mile from my job, and then I sold my car.

    In fairness, I could give a crap about my carbon footprint, it was just cheaper and I like the exercise. I’ll bet you wish your commute was a pleasant 15 minute stroll too. I will not be relinquishing my spot on top of the food chain. I don’t play much with the thermostat, although there are about two weeks in august when it gets humid and I’ll run the air conditioner.

    Listen, this climate change thing shouldn’t be partisan- there’s no reason for anybody to screw up the world more than they need to. Yes, Al Gore’s carbon credits are silly, but it’s still well within the scope of conservatism to be a responsible steward with this beautiful landscape that our forefathers left to us.

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