Make Yarn from Recycled Clothing – Knitting Daily TV Episode 409

In Knitting Daily episode 409, designer Mags Kandis, a contributor to the book Knitting Green: Conversations and Planet Friendly Projects by Ann Budd (Interweave, April 22, 2010), demonstrates a truly unique scarf, knit from recycled strips of silk–an eco-friendly and inexpensive project that uses up old clothing. Learn more about Knitting Green online at: This technique works great with jeans, silk, linen, cotton T-shirts and more. Download the free pattern instructions and learn more about Knitting Daily TV at:

7 thoughts on “Make Yarn from Recycled Clothing – Knitting Daily TV Episode 409”

  1. Fantastic idea! Waste not want not. Good way to keep something you never wear but can’t let go of.

  2. This is interesting, I was going to go through my closet this weekend and get rid of clothing that dosen’t fit anymore. Whatever I don’t donate to the charity shop will be turned into interesting yarns.

  3. FANTASTIC! Finally, Interweave is understanding how their customers are wanting ways to make unique items out of things that they have already around the house! Now if they can show more shows that combine mixed fibers and make larger pieces.

  4. My husband’s grandmother crocheted several throw rugs by cutting socks into strips (spiralling from the top down) many years ago. Nothing like raising a family in depression times to learn to make do!

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