How has "living green" changed your morning routine?

From placing coffee grounds in a compost pile or using a shampoo that comes in a bottle made from recycled plastics. any other changes?

8 thoughts on “How has "living green" changed your morning routine?”

  1. Eating more organics, trying to use as much natural and recycled products as possible, I used to turn on the tv to the weather channel while I got ready but now I just do it in the car on the way to work since I have to do that anyway.

  2. I’m at my house most of the day, so I’ve added a few things to take advantage of natural cooling and heating. Now that the weather is warm, I check outside to see how cool it is, I open windows to let in cool air. I usually check the garden to see what needs to be harvested. I try to run my heat producing appliances like clothes and dishwasher in the morning to take advantage of non peak electricity and to allow natural cooling to disapate the heat.

    As the weather cools, I’ll be making sure the windows are closed then open the curtains to follow the sun and heat the house. I’ll also want to use my appliances later in the day to warm the house for the evening.

  3. I get up about 45 minutes earlier now since I bike to work instead of drive. My commute used to take me 10-15 minutes, and now it takes 30-35. It’s worth it. I like getting the fresh air in the morning, and I’m more alert at the office (without coffee!) because I got my blood flowing.

    My shampoo and conditioner bottles are a little bigger now because I try to buy in bulk. And I bought a "switch" for my shower head to shut off the water flow when I’m not rinsing off – ie, when lathering or shaving.

  4. I take shorter showers (I am down to about 2 minutes). Use less soap (much easier now that I shave my head). Use organic milk (lasts longer anyway) and eat organic cereal (which I always have). And still ride my bike to work. Living green is easy.

  5. J’habite mon rêve

    it hasn’t,i don’t pollute much in the morning anyway,toast or cereal,recycle the box and the butter dish,i’ve always done that
    i’m an up and out person in the morning

  6. Surprisingly not much. I spend more time preparing breakfast. I save a little time because I shower every other day.

  7. Yes indeed, I never used to be green concious until my friend gave me a push in the right direction, It has effected my morning routine, because now I’m getting up at 5 instead of 6am to start a load of wash, in cold water mind you, so I could hang them up before the kids leave for school in the morning. It has me spending a little more time doing my routines more like in the 70’s and in a way it is sort of nice, because one, we save money. (hot water) not run, haven’t used my dryer since april. I hang my blankets out to air out almost everyday. I try to get my kids to recycle too. not running the water while they brush their teeth. I’m still trying to find more ways. But it is something you have to have in your routine.

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