Solar Energy?

Im in debate and we are talking about solar energy. If you have info on solar energy it would be great!! Please give your sourse so that i can use them in my spech!

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  1. Solar energy can be low tech or high tech.
    My home is heated with very low tech solar energy.
    It has south facing windows, just double glazed thermopanes mounted on the outside of the house frame, 64 feet wide and 6 feet high.

    Inside the house we have a lot of thermal mass in the form of rock and concrete. The north, east and west walls are all insulated with rigid foam on outside of the walls, then the earth is mounded up so that the roof is only a foot off the earth. We can remain moderately comfortable without extra heating at 46 N latitude.

    Our home is a low cost structure too… cost of about 20,000 dollars in 1979.

  2. that isn’t even a question.

    are you looking for something specific? this is debate, are you at least taking a side????

    are you looking for information about how it works (or doesn’t work)? why its good (or bad)? why we should (or shouldn’t) use it????????

  3. points

    -Solar energy is expensive: it would cost me about $30,000 to outfit my home with solar cells that could provide my electricity and this wouldn’t provide for my summer air conditioner.

    -Solar energy is not generally accepted by the public: try getting a home owners association to allow you to put solar panels on the roof of you home.

    -Solar energy is very poorly understood, even by those selling it: I was at a recent solar energy fair in Columbia Missouri and folks behind the counter of a group pushing green energy told me that I could mount a small wind generator on my roof ( about 35 ft. above the ground) and recoup all my costs in under 10 years. A lecture at the same fair later that afternoon by a professional installer pointed out that there are very few locations in Mo. that are viable and those that are need a large generator on a 100 ft. tall tower to recoup the costs in 15 years.

    -Solar hot water systems take a fair amount of yearly maintenance: my hot water collectors require at least 8 hours of yearly maintenance my me, some of it on top of my 2 story roof, figure a solar service man would charge me $50 per hour and it exceeds what my yearly propane bill would be to heat my water it in a standard water heater.

    -People keep trying to get the government to pay for it: if something is truly worth the money people will purchase it. If the government must subsidize something then it is not self sustaining and should be allowed to die a natural economic death.

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