Mothers turn into solar power engineers

The solar energy engineering sector in the country is five experts richer. The five barefoot solar sisters are back, after six-months of training in India. The five grannies from the county of Narok trained at the barefoot college of India, courtesy of Base Camp Foundation of Kenya

13 thoughts on “Mothers turn into solar power engineers”

  1. Solar/winds/water power technologies should be combined into a single implementation because energy resources are existing all together most of the time.

  2. @jasusi2 how about baptise you to mary just to brainwash you, Whats the context? You must be in real pain pschologically

  3. Well done ladies and congratulations. Please put the newly acquired skills to good use.

  4. I like their traditional pride and names too…you can acquire knowledge and modern ways of life without discarding your traditional values and culture……unlike other parts of the world…they would have been forced into wearing this or that,change your names to hadija or something just to brain wash you…am proud of you mamas.Africa needs more women like you!

  5. I Pray that they won”t make a spaceship from the dion, traansfomet, ircii, and shocko el.They might disappear with our people. Brilliant move tho.

  6. Franjes surely! Ati “shoe wearing”? I could slap you with my akala for that punch line! Nkt. Somehow I like you. All those fake reporters in Nation have gotten on my last nerve.On that note, where is that fake arsed Wobert Nagila fella? Hei! I just remembered such a man exists…

  7. must have been a lot fun in India for these Moms….green revolution is way to go. Kplc is outdated waiting for rains to generate power.

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