My Green Home – My Wind Turbine – Air-X 12v Land

My Air-X Land 12V wind turbine is up and running. Connected to 2 Xrantex portable power packs (65ah batteries and 1500w inverter in each pack), on a good wind day will charge the batteries from dead in less than 12hrs, usually takes 2-3 days in average winds. I have it mounted on a 27′ pole with #10awg wire to the base where the power packs are located. The system runs my 16 – 11 volt deck lights, 2 strings of 100 LCD patio lights for a few hours at night, electronic bug zapper all day, charges all my rechargable tools, flashlights, camera batteries and has lots of power left available for runing small tools like my drill and weed wacker when needed. Free Green Energy – got to love it!

10 thoughts on “My Green Home – My Wind Turbine – Air-X 12v Land”

  1. This thing is loud !
    I know this kind of generators from yachts, and i hate the loud sound they make, especially at night when you want to sleep…

  2. NormanMcGregor

    I have 2 installed, one in the city on a residential lot and one in the country on a hill in the wide open. The one in the country with nice constant wind, runs almost continually and generates a lot of power, powering two submersiable water pumps all day long. The one on the city, which has inconsistant and very turbulant wind generates very little compared to the other. Two identical turbines, in very different locations will generate very different energy outputs. Going Green is Good!

  3. Nice setup looks good. I do believe your output could be higher if you try tlg blades or hyper spin blades. The hornet style blades you have do not do do well under load and tend to slow down when charging. With a set of tlg or windynation blade’s your output will go up. Windy nation has a good video of your blades vs aluminum ones. The tlg website has review’s from owners of hornet blades that switched to tlg blades and how happy they are. hope this helps. More power more green.

  4. Very nice! Купить air-х 12v в Петербурге ——–> snt land ru

  5. I get a simular output rate as you state. Its tough to get enough wind in my location to go over 17amps (17a X 12v = 204w). However 175-200w for 5-6 hours a day with an inexpensive turbine does provide for an excellent power source, especially at night and on cloudy days when my solar is just sitting doing nothing, plus it does look cool too! Going Green is Good!

  6. I like the look of the Air X , but their outputs are only 190-210w in independant U.S.tests, I have graphs, they should be more honest, looks great though!.

  7. NormanMcGregor

    My Air-X is averaging 1.2kwh per day, some days more and some less. Because I live in the city, I am limited to a 30′ tower height which cuts its production ability, but it works great for powering my deck lights and stuff as outlined in the write up. I have .75kw of solar which power almost 1/2 of my house requirements. I just put in a SunTracker and have a 50w panel for testing and the results are impressive. I’m also in the middle of converting to solar hot water. Going Green is Good!

  8. So how is the air-x doing? is it worth the money? How much power do you get from it? And what of the rest of the system? Solar etc.

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