Obama camp bans wearing green clothing during tour.?

Middel East experts are puzzled by the campaign’s announcement.
Mohamad Bazzi, a professor of journalism at New York University and former Middle East bureau chief for Newsday, called the instruction “very strange"
“I guess green is the ‘Hamas color’ — but it’s also the color of Islam!” Bazzi said in an email from Beirut. “That’s one way for the Obama campaign to alienate 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide.” Green is not identified with Hamas other than its a color on their flag. Do you think Muslims will be offended-or is this Obama’s calculation to counter the chrages he is muslim at heart?

11 thoughts on “Obama camp bans wearing green clothing during tour.?”

  1. One day, people will realize that overlooking such cultural niceties is what makes foreigners so irritated by American diplomats.

  2. No, I don’t think the banning of my favorite color had anything to do with the fact that OBAMA IS NOT MUSLIM (get over it folks).

    Sounds more like a security issue to me, but whatever.

  3. Muslim’s are like liberals. They get mad at everything that doesn’t support them in forcing their ways on everyone else. Which is why you shouldn’t vote for Obama. Some say he’s not muslim but he’s definitly liberal enough to work at taking your freedoms away.

  4. How is is going to go over there and say he’s the son of a Muslim but he is Christian?

    Islam is sworn to kill anyone who does that.

    Google: Was Barack Obama a Muslim?
    But was he ever a Muslim or seen by others as a Muslim? More precisely, might Muslims consider him a murtadd (apostate), that is, a Muslim who converted to another religion and, therefore, someone whose blood may be shed?

    Google: In Kenya, Obama’s relatives ‘pray’ for victory
    "The book ends with an emotional moment in which Sen. Obama visits his father’s grave. The Democratic candidate seems to have embraced the multi-cultural and multi-religious nature of his roots. His father, his grandmother and most of his family members in Kenya are Muslims."

  5. It is just a ploy. They know Obama is down with them.

    "If the political tides should take an ugly turn, I shall side with my Muslim Brothers"

  6. The muslims will be offended, they are offended by just about anything including cartoons, but they will still support Obuma.

  7. Green Pagan SORD JPAS

    Why did McCain choose only Army Green and Gold for his website and graphic design until just last month?

    Colors are psychological and McCain knew that Patriotism has been knocked around so much in Bush’s term that he didn’t want it in his campaign until he needed to start pandering to the lower class…

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