Solar Energy For Transportation Fuel

May 12, 2008 Berkeley Lab lecture: Nate Lewis’ talk looks at the challenge of capturing solar energy and storing it as an affordable transportation fuel — all on a scale necessary to reduce global warming. Overcoming this challenge will require developing new materials that can use abundant and inexpensive elements rather than costly and rare materials. He discusses the promise of new materials in the development of carbon-free alternatives to fossil fuel.

2 thoughts on “Solar Energy For Transportation Fuel”

  1. I remember taking one of Nate Lewis’ classes many years ago… I credit him as the person responsible for getting me to take solar energy seriously. Thanks to these talks he’s giving, I suspect many others will be able to say the same.

  2. If you look for “Nate Lewis energy” on google, youll find not THIS talk, but another he gave with similar lines of thought, on the Lewis group page. It has slides and so on.

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