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More info and 25% off coupon code here: Is eco organic clothing what you’re looking for? Tees for Change is just what you need. This company is a well-known producer of bamboo shirts and organic tee shirts all over the US and Canada. You can find their products at 37 states around the USA, Canada, Australia, Finland, Cayman Islands and online boutiques and retail stores as well. All the shirts from Tees for Change is super soft and has a perfect fit, so it will make you feel comfortable regardless of time and situation. In addition, the company provides the unique opportunity to express yourself by creating the tee-shirt with a signature logo! Highlights: – Made in USA – 100% organic – Completely recyclable – Each purchase plants a tree Tees for Change has a big variety of colors for men and women throughout their categories of long sleeve, text cap sleeve, text long sleeve, unisex tees, tank tops and graphic tees. It’s a perfect outwear for yoga classes, sports, outdoor activity and other events on your casual life. Positive quotes will create a good mood for the whole day and, according to the company “will inspire you to live life with passion, purpose and positivity”. It can be also a great gift for the family and friends. If you try their unique shirts, or give it as gifts, I’m sure everyone will feel beloved and comfy! EcoBold gives you an amazing chance to have a 25% off coupon everything in their site. This is our way to make eco-friendly products

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  1. @ArchoSoma Planting trees and burning down factories is great, and I have a long list of bad factories I’d like to destroy! But supporting green companies with our dollars is important too. When we purchase environmentally safe products, it creates the incentive for more companies to produce them. We have the power to encourage the production of safe, green, sustainably produced products just by shopping wisely, and buying GREEN!

  2. I’m not into hatemailing, but you don’t make change by consumer choice. Can’t buy change. Plant the trees yourself and burn some factories instead.

  3. @Thoughtfulguy68 and it’s so weird, today i found out the tire recycling plant friend I interviewed didn’t wake up this morning…..what a day to have this video out…

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