Solar Energy Advantages – Can Residential Solar Power Panels Really Save the Planet? – Solar Energy Advantages – Can Residential Solar Power Panels Really Save the Planet? As evidence continues to indicate that Earth’s fossil fuels sources are not going to last forever, governments around the world have been looking to renewable resources as an alternative. One of those renewable resources includes the sun, whose power can be harnessed through residential solar power panel systems. Solar panel kits are available from both online and “brick and mortar” retailers that are easy to assemble and can be directed to power electrical and heating appliances. As the advantages to solar power panels become clear, many homeowners are investigating solar energy as an alternate energy source for their homes. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Residential Solar Power Panels A solar roof panel is what captures the sun’s rays and converts them into electrical energy. Since the sun is a renewable energy source, there are great benefits to the homeowner who choose this to power their home. There is no fee for harnessing the solar power and hence, no fee for the electricity that it generates. The money you save in powering your home is the most obvious benefits to residential solar power panels. While solar power itself is free, there is the cost of the solar panels themselves and the installation. Thanks to advancements in green technology, residential solar panels are becoming more affordable for the average homeowner. Some homeowners have opted

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