Pretty Green – About The Official Liam Gallagher Mens Clothing Line

Pretty Green is an up-front, straight talking, classic clothing range owned, founded and designed by Liam Gallagher. The clothing range, which is entirely ‘limited edition’, will include classic designs across footwear, denim, jackets, trench coats, parkas, t-shirts, knitwear, hats, scarves and accessories; all subject to Liam’s final approval. Pretty Green members will be invited to an exclusive online pre-sell before the official launch in June. Visit Music courtesy of Pop Levi – Blue Honey http

25 thoughts on “Pretty Green – About The Official Liam Gallagher Mens Clothing Line”

  1. sportsportsport

    Gotta get one of his ‘monkey’ jackets. Fucking sweet. Maybe it’s in tribute kinda to ‘monkey’ from stone roses .. ian brown.. just thinking.

  2. interesting – bought the monkey jacket for 125quid or as I live in the states, it converted to $200ish with free shipping last fall, but now on their US site (did not have one back then) the same jacket sells for $250 while the pound is worth about $190 now and now shipping is $10. The jacket still sells on the UK site though for 125quid. Hmm…

  3. the clothes are shit. pure shit. what a waste of time and money. call it a days guys. PRETTY SHIT

  4. seriously if liam bought out stuff that was sellign in JJB i wouldnt go near it… and liam wouldnt be wearing so whats the point..

    oh yer make money…. i got one of the parkas and its serious nice quality.. put it this way you wont ever see jackets like it in the fred perry section..

    the stuff fits right in with the armani and versace stuff, only difference is its pretty green. and armiani and versace dont make stuff as nice as pretty green design wise.. get me drift

  5. nah your just thick in the head and ya cant see what liam is tryna do, i little bit heavy on the price i reckon aswell.. but im not gonna buy clothes fred perry or addidas quality just cause liam gallagher released it…. i expect to see him wearing the shit… good quality stuff… listen mate if you had the brains youd be liam gallagher wudnt ya you soft prat.

  6. its leather, leather coats are always expensive.

    I know wot u mean tho this prick is trying to set up a clothing line competing with top notch design houses charging top wack…good luck but sounds like pipe dreams to me

  7. ya man im irish and oasis are major big over here!
    its a shame they never made an impact in america when bands like U2 have!

  8. Thanks . alot . I’m American and most people hear can’t understand him so they dismissed him first hand ..Too Bad I’ve always liked Oasis (nobody in Miami ever has sadly ) because they can’t understand them and think they are just jerks ! Live forever I love the Brothers Gallagher

  9. not for the money eh? Your harrington jacket is priced at 230 quids. I wonder what it is made out of. Even Fred Perry price it to 120… Your windbreaker jacket is priced at 120 pounds when penguin windbreaker jacket is $90 (US). Give me a fucking break.

  10. NilDesperandum777


    He says, “It’s why I don’t wear hoods anymore…Got nothing to hide, you know what I mean? I’m proud of the head…”

  11. What the F does Liam say at 2:37 I have no clue ? Couldn’t understand it if I played that 50 times .

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