Solar Energy Is Very VERY Expensive! Especially Compared To Oil Or Coal! (REALLY?) May 15, 2010 News Corp

23 thoughts on “Solar Energy Is Very VERY Expensive! Especially Compared To Oil Or Coal! (REALLY?)”

  1. @jmjfanss Paul? Needed for what to be pointed and laughed at? With Paul the US would sink twice as fast as it is

  2. This is the standard BS by industry frauds and the right-wing and its a flat out lie. The costs of oil and coal are massively subsidized by the taxpayer which masks the actual costs, while solar & clean energy is barely supported. If clean energy would be half as subsidized as oil, coupled with conservation, we could have made fossil fuels virtually obsolete by now

  3. “lucrative”………………..its funny how no one is considering the benefits to humans and non humans when considering this technology. they are considering the profitablity of it. fuck, we fail.

  4. Ed Butowsky, creator of the Chapwood Portfolio Investment (CHIP) Score, is a nationally-recognized expert in investment management who is interviewed frequently by the media, including Bloomberg TV, FOX Business News, ABC, NBC, Sports Illustrated, and SIRIUS radio.
    You can invest in coal and oil but not the sun.

  5. There is also passive solar vs. solar Voltaic. I live in the south west. There is NO reason there aren’t more passive solar to heat water for shower, laundry, etc. Most of us with swimming pools use them already. These are on the roof of most Mediterranean countries.

  6. @jmjfanss

    Planetary warming and cooling cycles are real.

    Man-made planetary warming is false.

  7. Solar power is a joke. Always has been.

    For one, solar panels contain volatile chemicals. Where are all the environmentalists yelling about how building these things will destroy the Earth? Not one. Phony motherfuckers.

    Oh, another stupid idea. Lets cover the entire fucking country with gigantic steal windmills. I’m sure the animals will love that. No one consider the cause and effect of this shit. Not one. It’s a big racket.

  8. No it’s not cost and technology…it’s profit. Not much profit in the sun, no way to continue to manipulate a market based on sun power, no way to exploit other countries over the sun rays. If anyone can buy a couple of solar panels for their own private use, why have exploiter energy corporations?

  9. pakipowerboy4u

    what bullshit idiot, this just u spend once and after u dont pay anything much , …………

  10. If we used hemp, we could resolve this by Christmas.
    See my video: Cannabis, plant of renown

  11. News anchor:” o gosh, we are so brilliant and overdupersuper strong, and youre telling me we are not leading ?!, on another topic, communist-nazi-liberals again try to destroy the us economy by spreading the lie of gobal warming, and saying the “underliying costs” of oil would be much higher…”

    to stupid to be alive,yet here she is.
    mox u give me a nice perspecive on the us media landscape, but why?? doesnt this hurt your brain as well?

  12. This “expert” from an unknown capital investment firm is definitely not saying these things because he is paid to by the fossil fuel industry. And Fox News definitely doesn’t have a bias because they run advertisements from oil companies and the coal and natural gas industry.

    If the US stopped subsidizing oil coal and natural gas, and instead subsidized solar with the same amount of money, solar would be 10x cheaper. Once fossil fuels are burned, they’re gone. Solar keeps generating for decades

  13. @jerseybing didn’t think this posted..i got a “error” msg when i hit “POST”…sorry for the double post everyone………………..jerseybing


    oh really?? what a brainwash news host, Look this up on google:

    New Solar Cell is 98% Plastic and Catches a Record-Breaking 96% of Incident Light

    this tech. is going to drive the $ down

  15. i’m putting a chunk of my savings on my roof…that’s right…solar panels…i’m going to get a cooler full of brews…grab a lounger off the pool patio…and sit there…and get faced, watching that fucking dial spin backwards…those motherfrackers are going to send me a check!!!!………..dig it……..jerseybing

  16. Yes, Mox. Really.
    Not until we have solar cells that use dramatically more of the visible spectrum. In the works, but a decade away from cost-effective production.
    Using solar reflectors to heat a ball of sodium may eventually be a feasible source at the utility scale, but requires lots of sun (ie. southwest USA) and lots of land.

  17. @jmjfanss
    Joseph Hazelwood did just fine steering the Valdez without having to heed any controls. BP are doing excellent by our nation’s resources with only voluntary controls. I always preferred a cold glass of Valvoline rather than clear, clean water anyway. And we can’t abide American money going into American coffers. Better for BP to ship it Britain or Haliburton to Dubhai. And I just can’t stand being an adult and having to live by rules and regulations.

  18. It will be more expensive in the long run if we don’t invest in sustainable alternative energy resources now. Moxy Mike is right, if the government were to give the same subsidies to solar and wind as they do to the big oil and auto industries the cost would be cheaper too. If more and more people demand these alternatives and help pay for them the price will eventually come down through that demand as well. And oil will run out before the sun & wind’s energy will.

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