PS 10 Solar thermal power station – – PS10 New 11 MWe Solar thermal power station based on power tower concept in Spain

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  1. @peter
    The new way to create energy
    is to combine Solar+Stirling engine
    Using a Magnifying Solar Dish
    You Create intense Heat
    That Operate an Engine
    Creating a free Energy from the sun
    Read about it on this website:

  2. If you want to get the plans
    To Build your own Stirling Engine
    And Combine it with Solar Power
    Go to this Website:
    It explains it All…


    The tower system (like this) is effective, but is limited to the number of mirrors with which you can light, but there is another type of solar thermal plants, which consist of lines and lines (as many as you want) of mirrors that concentrate the light in a tube passing through the same mirror, the tube contains a liquid when heated will operate the turbines, for example, that the Spanish company Abengoa mounted Arizona (280 Mw) the more mirrors, more Mw.

  4. Who cares if it’s cheaper than coal… I’d rather breath the fumes and particulates from this than I would from coal.

  5. excellent power plant and good video. But is this power cheaper then coal? I mean we have to consider initial investment also. I do not know but I think it is not cheaper then coal.

  6. Or you could buy evacuated tubes and heat your own water to wash your arse and not burn COAL 🙂
    There are 3 types of heat collectors:
    1.low heat(swimming pools heating)
    2.medium(flat panels glazed)
    3.evacuated tubes
    Just choose one and see for yourself how much money you can save!

  7. This video is just excellent…..
    Solar Panels are Expensive!
    Your Only Option is to Build Your own Solar Panels
    There is an Engineer from Chicago who explains it All
    To find his website go to Google and search for…
    “Top DIY Solar Panels”
    Click the First Result (Skip The Advertisements)

  8. CamiloSanchez1979

    There are so many deserts. But you know what? I think this is the kind of energy that Exxon doesn’t want you to know about

  9. furthermore, this is a simple technology, mirrors and steam generators, that means minimal risk of catastrophic failure. All you need is some space.

  10. This is a great idea, and the future has to be solar.. you say it costs more, but there are leaking and aging nuclear reactors all over the US. there is an old reactor near new york city, if that one melts down like fukushima, what’s the cost of evacuating 17 million people from a world financial and business center? Japan could barely evacuate 90,000. Also, how about the cost of nuclear disposal and the cost of nuclear terrorism? Factor all the costs people!!!

  11. TheCaptainbigbird

    Have a listen to what he said, Can you imagine the cost of research and development to make something like this work?

  12. There is no fucking way that power from here could be 3 times more expensive. This is fucking monetary propaganda because it doesn’t consume any resources!

  13. @sungiga
    G’day, nice clip ! I enjoyed it, especiajy the juxtaposition that it’s the top-related link to a clip of mine; and we’re the 2 ends of the Solar R&D spectrum… To see what I mean, search ‘solar thermal ramjet’, & have a giggle at NASA ranked backseat to a Hillbilly..! For the backstory, search ‘sunfoil’, & it’s an interlocking suite of vid’s. The “Short-Talk” is best entrypoint, & “SunFoil Science…” maybe best value. Enjoy..!

  14. Such power plants in the sahara could be used to harness hydrogen from water, transport it where it’s needed and harness electricity via hydrogen fuel cell. Looks like arabs won’t bankrupt that fast after all.

  15. The PS10 has cost a total of €35 Million. After finishing it still has 300 Maintenance and service jobs. (i couldnt find what the anual cost was of running the plant)
    It delivers electricity for a total of €5.1Million per year.

  16. Its part of a greater project; A 300MW plan in that area. If that is being realised its a significant amount (over 1%). and it covers only a small area on land. One big advantage in this system is that they also have power at night. A big problem with PV driven solar projects.

  17. @vanmemet: decentralization’s not only necessary for this kind of energy. we know that from p2p networks where there are leechers, seeders and peers. nearly everybody being able to transform energy to scales that are useful for us humans as well as being connected in an energy cloud gives maximum stability and maximum independence for nearly every single household.

  18. he was talking about sahara deseret. actually morocco would be a good idea, south portugal spain near north africa is the best for all thermal solar, i think all solar facilities are best then turbines one in spain overheated and caused a fire

  19. Hopefully you are just joking. thats psuedoscience rubbish from star trek etc lol.

    Try reading up on it.

  20. This looks great. Harnessing solar energy can prove to be immensely useful. Spain walks a mile ahead with this one.

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