Selfridges Launch Video London/Manchester

Here is the official film of Liam launching the Pretty Green range at Selfridges in London and Manchester. Check out the new Autumn/Winter 09 collections by visiting Follow us and Liam on Twitter Follow us on Facebook Follow us on MySpace

25 thoughts on “Selfridges Launch Video London/Manchester”

  1. Yeah he ALWAYS seems to have really GREAT Hair in every sense of the word. Great cut , style , and heaps of body & density…..almost like a teenagers hair. I wonder what he does to keep it that way. He’s gotta have some secret that we don’t know about. His hair even looks better than some of the younger men in this video…..which is unusual for someone in their late 30’s who has lived the kind of life Liam has eg. Heavy smoker , drink , drugs etc……

  2. MsOasisliveforever

    First oasis second Pretty green then beady eye the only thing that he have to do next is to visit mexico and open a pretty green store after he film the beatles movie.

  3. He’s so cool it hurts .. Don’t like the clothing range though to be honest. But I liked that green coat he was wearing. Wish I could have his hairstyle..only problem is I’m bald.

  4. I’m a big fan of his clothes, really like the t shirts and polo shirts. Got quite a few of them already, looking forward to seeing more in the near future

  5. The music is totally fucking awesome! Love the Yellow Moon Band. His brother loves them too apparently. Maybe they still got some common ground eh? 😉

  6. Great music here – maybe a sign of the new sound to come from Liam, Gem, Andy & Chris? or is this an Oasis outtake?

  7. The music is - entangled, yellow moon band. from the album ‘A monstrous psychedelic bubble vol 1 cosmic space music’.

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