Sexy green booty shorts dance,,Hollister mini skirt, fitness personal trainer in sexy heels

@ cute firm round bubble butt powder puff fitness SHAKE your booty in a sexy Hollister miniskirt or lime green shorty shorts and have FUN. Not every workout has to be soooo intense and hard core. Sometimes it is just time to get on your wicked clothes like your green booty shorts and have fun shakin’ it! Its better than watching tv, better than talkin’ about your friends, better than takin’ a nap! Put on your song (the one in this video is “JAK” ) and workout to your favorite dance music. ITS FUN! Sexy personal fitness trainer Melissa gets outside during an unseasonably warm winter day and enjoys some afternoon sun while she dances the minutes and the “body fat” away. Perhaps you have thought about doing one of those sexy pole dancing classes ! Practice at home so you will feel free to have fun in the class! Check out Personal trainer Melissa’s other videos on Youtube and on her personal trainer website Get your scarves, your dresses, your spandex your romantic music and create your own fun atmosphere and dance the inches off!

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