Solar Energy?

What do people in the US use solar energy for the most? And which state in the US uses the most solar energy? Please tell me if you find a website including this information too.
please help me out here

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  1. Most solar power in the USA is use in solar electric power systems. Normally Grid Tie only for homes to power house hold items or just to backfeed the public utility. This is followed by off grid systems normally used as backup power systems. These off grid systems would normally have a wind power system aswell as a solar air and solar water heater.

    This is based on marketing. Marketing would show what is sold most and would be solar electric grid tie systems. There are the solar power users that goes to a hardware store and buys parts and builds their own heating system but that is very few. Same thing for people that buy single solar electric modules and charge controllers and single inverters.

    I know of no site that is free that will give you this kind of data. I spent a lot of money testing the market and planing for a solar business or I would not have this information.

    If this was a homework project you are going to endup spending money to get the facts. You could try some random searches and might beable to put something together but hard faq’s cost.

    I about forgot.. California is the biggest user of solar and florida is next. Arizona is up there at the top somewhere. Again I have no links to prove this but it is pretty much known to be.

  2. Most domestic users of solar energy use the system solely to heat their hot water (for DHW tap water, and home heating), and that removes much of the home’s fuel costs.
    Obviously it’s quite expensive to install the solar panels and related components, so the money savings only become evident over time.

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