Solar energy?

How does the sun make enegy? What are the pros and cons of using solar energy?

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  1. Sun is the source of energy.Most energy sources are ultimately derived from solar energy. Most governments offer several incentives to producers and users of alternative energy sources.Pleasevisit

  2. The sun produces energy from the nuclear reactions within it.
    The pro’s of using solar energy are: 1) the energy comes from the sun witch falls for free out of the sky every day. 2) the production of electricity from this free energy does not pollute the earth or the air. (solar energy includes wind powered turbines)
    The con’s of using solar energy are: 1) the sun don’t always shine, even during the day, nor dose the wind always blow. 2) electricity has to be either used immediately or stored some how. (batteries or as Hydrogen produced from water using electricity and bottled) 3) Making the solar panels, the battery’s (and disposing of the battery’s when they wear out) and the wind turbines can cause pollution of the earth and the air. 4) Some complain that wind turbines are ‘eyesores’ and others that they can disrupt bird migrations.
    Personally, I still think solar energy is a better bet than hydrocarbon or nuclear fueled power plants.

  3. th sun makes energy fromnuclear fusion, fusing hydrogen fuel into helium.

    solar energy has few drawbacks, as the energy itself is free, however, it is expensive to produce an efficient solar cell, and if its cloudy alot you dont get much return.

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