Solar energy?

How does solar energy benefit us from our daily life? Can you give me 3 details thanks…

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  1. Well I won’t take this question as everyone else is as using it as a source of electricity.

    1. Solar energy is fundamental to our food source, plants can’t grow without it.

    2. The energy provides heat to the planet, just look at the polar regions when they receive no sun.

    3. Provides light, well I guess this isn’t based off the energy unless you use it for electricity. So lets say it drives the ocean currents which then drive the weather cycle. Some people wouldn’t like this answer because they don’t like their local weather but oh well.

  2. check out these cites

    What are the advantages of solar energy?

    Solar energy is cost effective in terms of fuel (because no fuel is required) and its price would not be affected by the supply and demand of fuels. Solar energy is also pollution free. In addition, as solar energy does not use fuel, it also eliminates the problems that arise during the recovery, transportation and storage of fuels

  3. Solar energy has been a great source of electricity for us.
    1. The bills would be a lot cheaper.
    2. It would be good for the environment.
    3.It could benefit you in the future if you get a panel now, it might be costly later because maybe everyone will want one when they realize it’s good.

  4. The problem with this question is that the energy itself and also what is done with the energy is the same, no matter if it’s solar, or some other type of energy.

    For example, does your light bulb care if the electricity that feeds it came from solar power or fossil fuel power?

    If your shower is heated with solar power , will you be able to tell the difference if it was heated with fossil fuel instead?

    Every manner in which energy benefits society, remains the same, no matter where the energy came from.

    The real question you are being asked is how does obtaining energy from solar benefit us compared to obtaining energy from fossil fuels, nuclear, hydroelectric, or wind.

    1. Sunlight is free, so you don’t have to pay for coal or gas.
    2. Making solar energy does not pollute the air or water.

    I can’t think of any more.

    There are dozens of disadvantages to solar, but i won’t get into that.

  5. 1. Energy extraction from a limitless source (relative to our lifetimes) w/o the need to transport liquid fuel via pipe or truck. This translates to less congestion on highways, less potential for accidents, and stable price (depending on financing required to purchase/install the panel array)

    2. Users of solar panels tend to understand their actual power needs as opposed to what they typically use. Solar energy usage allows individuals to use what they truly need with the option to use grid power if needed. From a psychological perspective, this often will translate into other areas such as water and gas conservation. Resulting in a smaller per capita resource use/carbon footprint.

    3. Solar power is an excellent source for backup power, especially in regions affected by summer power outages (due to hurricanes, bad storms,etc.) The end-user will have power assuming there’s enough light for the panels to produce electricity, otherwise, there’s still the battery power which is stored from previous day’s solar extraction.

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