Why is there a shortage of solid mint green colored clothes?

I don’t get it I was in a store today and saw a mint green shirt (something I’ve been wanting to buy) but I tried it on and it was too sheer. I’d love to find a nice mint green top (even if it’s just a V-neck t-shirt) It doesn’t seem to be a popular color this season and I don’t know why. I think it’d be nice on lots of people.

9 thoughts on “Why is there a shortage of solid mint green colored clothes?”

  1. well first no offense but mint green is ugly every1 knows that and try 80s shops theyll have every color of the rainbow

  2. i dont know…i have never thought about it before!i guess mint green is really a fall color not a summer color,lime green seems to be abundant!

  3. No offense, but I think mint green would pretty much be the worst color on most people! I cannot picture that on me or anyone for that matter. Good luck though.

  4. Shellular Kellular HATES Fergie!

    like the girl above said, lacoste or polo will surely have things in that color. however, if you want a cheaper deal, try a store like old navy or the gap, or even H&M. all of them have a variety of inexpensive clothes in lots of colors.

  5. Because it was a fashionable color last season. Try ebay, they’re about a season off when it comes to color trends. Good luck!

  6. how many people do you see wearing those color’s? Its not a popular color at all because it is not wanted by many people if it was you’d see more of em. the more expensive stores would have that color like Lacoste or la tigre

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