what are some good cheap ways of living green?

i live with my parents and they are horrible towards the environment what are some good ways of helping it ?? besides turning off lights and stuff like that??

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  1. Cassie Office Team

    Hi Coury,

    I think it is awesome that you are taking steps to make your household more environmentally friendly. People have given you lots of great ideas! Another way to help the environment is to cut out unnecessary paper use in your home. And, with programs like Office Live Workspace, it is easy to do! Workspace allows you to access, edit, and share your files from any computer with an internet connection, making printing seemly unnecessary (plus, the trees will thank you).

    Microsoft Windows Outreach

  2. Eating seasonally & lower on the food chain is less expensive & better for the environment. Choose unprocessed foods, fewer meals with meat, & fruits/veg that are in season. Beans, grains, & pasta are inexpensive, & you’ll find tons of easy recipes online or in cookbooks at the library. Help out your parents by making a grocery list & preparing a few meals each week this way — they’ll be impressed & won’t even realize they’re going green too 😉

    Speaking of the library, use it more often! It’s free, & you can research many green topics there. Plus, you can check out DVDs, CDs, & video games instead of buying new ones.

    Take public transit. It’s cheaper than a car or a bike (or combine it w/a bike for more complicated trips).

    Wash laundry in cold water & use only as much detergent as necessary (actually read the instructions on the container!). Clothes don’t need hot water, & in fact, you’ll keep colors looking bright longer if you don’t wash in hot. This will also save on the utility bill, which your parents will like. If there’s space, string up a clothes line & hang clothes to dry in spring & summer — this adds to the energy bill savings.

    Just a few little things to get you going 🙂

  3. 1.recycle
    2.save energy by switching off Appliances when not in use
    3.paint home with insulating paint
    4.use solar panels on your home
    5.develop a rainwater harvesting system
    6.planting trees and taking good care of them
    7.avoid wastage of water(when water evaporates it form vapour which is a green house gas and causes global warming)
    8.avoid burning of garbage(many people burn garbage as it causes land pollution but some wastes like organic waste can be decomposed and others can be recycled)
    9.using public transports or car pools
    10.avoid using plastic bags as they take more than millions of year to decompose(though it can be recycled but it costs 1/20 litres of petrol that is 50ml of petrol and making a new one will cost 1/10 litres of petrol that is 100ml of petrol)

  4. My first answer to your question…is another question. In what climate to you live in? and do you live in a house? If you in live in the suburbs or in a rural area than compost for sure!! Think of all food scraps that one just throws away, now you can compost them and it will turn into healthy, organic dirt that you can now re-use in your garden!

    Recycle Everything!
    Check with your local city/town as to what plastics can be recycled. I always thought that only plastic items with a #1 or #2 on the bottom could be recycled, but I recently moved and found out that in my new city item #’s 3-6 can also be recycled…in addition to #’s 1 & 2. I am amazed as to how much less waste I have, now that I am recycling pretty much all of my plastic.

    Don’t drive…as much
    Take the bus, subway, car-pool, etc. I ride my bicycle everywhere, and regardless of the health benefits, I found that I have filled up the gas tank in my car once this month!! Just once!!! I used to fill up once a week! Many cities and states, (even with the economy the way it is) has programs for carpooling, less expensive tolls,, etc.

    Energy Efficient Home
    Make sure that all of the machinery in your home is operating efficiently. i.e make sure that the dishwasher, dryer, AC, are not making any funny noises when running, If they are then either have them fixed or replaced. If you replace them, the newer models of dishwashers, dyers, AC’s, etc are all vastly more efficient than those made even 5-10 years ago. You can even have whats called an Energy Audit done. An Energy Audit is when a Professional company (or even your utility company for free) comes to your house with very fancy cameras, and machines that take pictures and images of your windows, exterior doors, electrical outlets ,and the like to see if heat or AC is escaping from your home instead of keeping it warm or cool. (depending on season of course)

    Solar/Renewable Energy
    If your parents really get on the "green bandwagon" have them look into installing a solar system to their house. Even though it can be expensive there are programs out there that not only lower the cost (federal and state tax credits, utility company subsidies, etc) but there are companies and even government programs out there that basically pay for it! Have your folks check out http://www.sungevity.com and http://www.pacefinancing.org for more info on that. Keep in mind that there are a ton of companies out there who sell solar, wind and geothermal systems. Have them check out a company called Sun Electronics as my Uncle used them for his house in the Florida Keys. He is really cheap and loves paying close to nothing for his electricity, plus he doesn’t pollute!

    Sorry if this answer was too long but I hope it helped. Good Luck!

  5. I’m really glad the next generation is taking a step to becoming more green even if the older generation isn’t willing to come to terms with this really crisis.

    Some of the small and cheap steps you can take is:
    1) Drink tap or filter water in your house. Get a reusable water bottle, and fill it with your house water and take it to school, shopping or park. This way you don’t waste money buying water.
    2) Use a reusable grocery bag. Most of them are only 99 cents and a lot of the grocery stores now a days give a 5 to 10 cent discount for every grocery bag you bring to the store. Over time, you can actually make money off it.
    3) Take shorter showers, and use cold water to clean your laundry.
    4) Combine your driving trips. Don’t drive 15 miles to go to 1 shop. Make a plan and hit all the stores in that area. This way you will save gas.
    5) Don’t accelerate too quickly or brake suddenly. You are wasting gas and energy by doing them. Practice good driving and you’ll save gas. Also make sure your tires are inflated to the most efficient level your car allows.
    6) Put a ceiling fan in your house. This is cheaper than turning on the A/C during the summer time. Especially during the night time, when the breeze is much better for our health than circulated air.
    7) Instead of buying house cleaning products, make some at home with non-toxic and cheaper material. White Vinegar, Baking Soda, Lemon Juice are wonderful cleaning products. Click on the link below for more home made cleaning products.
    8) Finally reuse everything possible and recycle when possible. You can check out this website http://1800recycling.com/ for your local recycling locations. Sometimes they may even give you money for recycling things like soda cans and bottles.

    Hope these tips help you and your family become more green.

  6. Ok a lot of people are addicted towards the enviroment ……
    living green ….for green living you need 95% oxygen .3%carbon dioxide .2%other gases.
    people stop using deodrants.
    go in a park with a chair in the sun ….
    and get heavyly green

  7. Thats great that your taking initiative in your house.

    I don’t know how surpised youd be but one thing most people don’t do is turn their computer off at night. That literally makes a huge difference so heres more ideas.

    -Reuse items (Make christmas ornaments out of lightbulbs for instance.)
    -Turn off the lights
    -Turn off electronics at night
    -Start a compost
    -Recycle when available
    -Choose green friendly cleaning products.

    Those are just some ideas out of THOUSANDS.
    You can do so much to help the environment and our community so keep on it 😀

  8. You know the funny thing is that often, living gently on the earth also helps you spend gently with your pocket book. Your folks might not be into all of these, but most are definitely things you can do yourself.

    Switch to non-toxic home cleaners
    Vinegar, Baking Soda and a bit of natural dish soap can clean your entire house. You can add essential oils for extra scent and/or lemon juice for some extra cleaning power/scent – but all of these things (especially the white vinegar and baking soda) are pretty cheap and, they aren’t toxic to you, your pets or the earth! And, in your situation, if you made the switch (it would require buying the ingredients, a spray bottle and some reusable rags – If you don’t have any they sell them at Goodwill for like $2 a bag) – you could turn your folks onto the idea by you cleaning the house for them. I’m a parent and I"d be into just about anything my kid said to me after he/she cleaned the house!!!

    Reusable Shopping bags.
    Again, if you don’t have any – they have them at Good will or other thrift stores for cheap. garage sales are great places for cheap (like $.25 – $.10) canvas bags too and, you’re reusing instead of buying new!! . Get some and put them in the car – you use them whenever you can, and whenever you’re shopping with your folks. Maybe they’ll get the hint.

    Shop at Thrift Stores
    While we’re talking about what you can get a thrift stores – they’re actually a great way to get cheap clothes that are reused instead of new. Keeps your money local, out of big corps that often make the clothes under less than stellar conditions, etc. And, you’re reusing which is the best way to be green as you’re not making anything new, and, you’re keeping something else from ending up in the landfill instead. Your parents need only take you to the thrift store instead of the mall to go shopping!

    Grow a Garden
    If you live in an area where you can grow a garden. Even if you don’t have a yard you can grow tomatoes in pots etc. Grow your veggies organically. Save up your $ for seeds and he few supplies you’ll need. Your folks might really enjoy seeing you take initiative like this.

    Start or Join an Environmental Club at Your School
    Many schools have some type of green or environmental club you should join yours if you haven’t already. And if you don’t have one already – talk to a teacher and get her/him to help you start one. Do things like raise money for local green initiatives and help green up your school with recycling programs etc. And, it doesn’t have to involve your parents at all!!

    Support your Local Conservation Organization or Other Local Environmental Group
    Give money or, best of all (and most affordable) volunteer your time at your local land conservation organization or other environmental group. It’s a great way to meet new people and help the earth. All you need from your folks is a ride!

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